May 23, 2018

Delivery of ramp equipment is slowly coming to an end at LGG for BAS

Following the signature of a deal last April, TCR has started and completed, perfectly on time, the delivery of the BAS set of ramp equipment. 30t-main deck loader, 7t lower deck loader are the main pieces, GPU, tractors (2) and 60 dollies (10ft & 20ft) are completing the set. Push-back vehicle will be incorporated in January once BAS will enter its new 6,000m2 warehouse located next to the present one. The elaboration of the equipment list took into consideration the capability to render a cargo service independently of subcontractors, and to fully control the cargo handling sequence from the aircraft to the truck.

May 20, 2018

BAS takes good care of crews providing luxury vehicle for ramp transport and beyond ...

Last Monday, BAS did purchase a great piece of ramp equipment : the crew bus. Crew transportation is a compartment of ramp services for which BAS want to deliver an outstanding performance. After a long flight, we are of the opinion that crews deserve to distress as soon as they get down the stairs. Whatever the final destination is, airport exit gate or downtown hotel, crews will enjoy our punctuality, our driver's friendliness and the confort of a 9-seater classy Mercedes Benz crew bus. Clean, safe and nicely powered, the cruise on board our "starred" vehicle will be a mesmerizing moment for all.

You'll like it !!!

Mr. Jean-Luc Crucke, Minister of Transports, is granting Belgium Airport Services with a full operating licence at LGG

Shortly after the signature of the lease agreement with LGG, Belgium Airport Services applied for a 10-year operating licence to the Ministry of Transports of the Walloon Region of Belgium. If the consistency of the application was recognized at the very early stage of the process, the decision to grant the licence took several months. Following the recommendations of the Airports Administration, Mr. Jean-luc Crucke, Minister, was confirming the compliance of Belgium Airport Services with the election's criteria. BAS has now a 10-year operating licence at Liege Airport including ramp, cargo and passengers services. 

Apr 24, 2018

On April 25th, not less than 20 BAS junior staff have started their training programme designed by BAS and its technical advisors. The programme includes regulatory and in-house sections. Training partners include (i) WAN - Wallonia Aeronautic Network, the regional training centre for aviation created to support the growth of the Regional airports of Liege and Brussels South Charleroi, (ii) Forem Logistics, the logistics branch of the regional employment agency, (iii) FFI - Fond de Formation des Intérimaires (Training Fund of the Interim Work Agencies of Belgium) and (iv) Daoust Interim, one of the leading interim agency of Belgium.

Apr 22, 2018

ABNetwork installs the IT equipment within the BAS office at LGG

BAS and ABNetwork sealed a cooperation in March to implement IT solutions within the BAS premises at Liege Airport. While hosting the Cargospot training during 5 days at their HQ of Villers-le-Bouillet, ABNetworks proceeded on April 23rd to the installation of the IT equipment and network in our LGG office. The equipment also includes server and security units. IT is part of the BAS strategy, and not only for equipment, as IT professional solutions are in preparation to ease the cooperation with trucking companies, freight forwarders and eCommerce companies, in particular. Airlines did already welcome the implementation of Cargospot by Champ and BAS.

Apr 22, 2018

Lödige and Belgium Airport Services are considering a partnership to consolidate the rapid growth of the cargo traffic BAS is anticipating at LGG. A first agreement for the leasing of Warehouse equipment has been finalised. The delivery and the installation of the equipment (roller-decks, pallet mover and truck-docks) will start in May 2018.

Apr 18, 2018

Alex Lens, a well-known cargo veteran, provided 6 Cargo Office staff with Cargospot training from April19th to April 24th. Training concerns modules such as : Administrator, Import, Export and Invoicing. It took place in the fantastic ABNetwork facility located at Villers-le-Bouillet, not far away from Liege Airport. ABNetwork is one of the key IT suppliers of LGG since 1997. In the meantime, ABNetwork could proceed with the installation of the BAS IT equipment within the BAS Office at Liege Airport. The next step of the implementation will take place on-site around mid-May with our brand new IT equipment.

Apr 15, 2018

After several weeks of intense work and negotiation, TCR and Belgium Airport Services have reached an agreement for the leasing of Ramp equipment. The signature of the contract means, for BAS, the kick-off of the implementation stage of its project at LGG. The delivery and the installation of the said equipment will take place from end of April to mid-May 2018.

Apr 05, 2018

Liege Airport is enjoying an impressive cargo growth and it will go on for sure. Therefore, LGG invited BAS as new handler in order to increase the competition in the ground and cargo handling activities. Improvements are expected in speed and quality of services. Handling is a major determinant of the airport global performance, and BAS is expecting to strongly participate to the reputation of LGG in the very short future. To start with, BAS will have a 2,000m2 cargo terminal until the end of the year 2018, then we will move into a 6,000m2 as of January 2019. The dual agreement has been secured in one single lease contract signed on April 6th, 2018.

Apr 02, 2018

BAS entrusted SDWorx to create the legal frame of its HR department. The agreement also includes salary and advisory issues aiming to create an attractive package for the personnel as well as a pleasant working environment at large. BAS staff is expected to rise from from 20 to 100 job positions over the next twelve months.

Mar 14, 2018

Marsh Insurance Liege to cover the BAS's handling activities at LGG

Marsh, a global leader in Insurance Broking & Risk Management, will provide Belgium Airport Services with the full set of insurances needed by ramp & cargo handling companies. The insurance package is crucial for BAS as it is a major part of the appreciation conducting to the obtention of the Operating License at Liege Airport. Marsh has prepared an insurance brooking strategy providing BAS with the appropriate risk coverage at the appropriate cost. 

Mar 08, 2018

BAS has been named new cargo handler at LGG earlier this year. Rapidly, rumors have spread the names of the shareholders, and rose the curiosity of junior and senior staff. After the presentation of the project to a couple of them, BAS has been praised by many candidates already working on the plate-form. Now, recruitment of experienced staff is closed and not less than 12 highly qualified staff in areas such as Cargo Office, Warehouse and Ramp have signed a full-time employment contract. In May, this team of professionals of the cargo handling will train 20 junior staff recruited via Daoust Interim and FOREM, the regional employment agency, our partners.

Mar 06, 2018

Belgium Airport Services and Champ did reach an agreement for the implementation of Cargospot in the BAS premises of Liege Airport. BAS will then be the only full user of Cargospot at LGG and will have a significant competitive advantage over the competing cargo handlers using home-made cargo management software.

Feb 20, 2018

Rewise, a member of BKR International, the largest world's network of independent Audit & Advisory firms, has been selected by BAS as financial partner. Rewise did assist BAS in the preparation of its business plan, in the negotiations with banks for financing purposes. Rewise's contract will go on with the preparation, the accounting and the financial organisation of the company, including the implementation of IT tools and softwares.

Feb 19, 2018

Following an agreement with Liege Airport earlier this year, Peter Smith and Alain Decors are proud to announce the creation of Belgium Airport Services on Feb. 20th, 2018. Our Company will provide Cargo & Ramp quality services at Liege Airport. Operations are due to start in early June with 2,000m2. A new 6,000m2 warehouse is due to come in early 2019.


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