" We bring back at 
Liege our 20-year 
experience in
cargo handling
Peter Smith & Alain Decors

Our mission is to provide


Dedicated Airport Services


of the right quality

at the right cost


within a long-term partnership

driven by high Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

Airlines and Airports do have more and more operational issues with their handling companies. As noted by EU Commission itself, the Directive in charge of organizing the competition in the Ground Handling sector has also generated some inconveniences. Frequently, fierce competition leads to unbearable non-quality services that low prices cannot make up, while lack of competition also leads to non-quality services but at high prices. In both cases, Airlines and Airports do suffer from the situation and do not have the appropriate resources to escape this vicious circle, not really knowing what the handling business is about.

BAS is acting as project manager and airport services provider supporting the airlines that decide to step out of non-sustainable situation, and Airports that decide to support them because they are strategic customers.


Our Airport Services Solutions immediately increase the airlines satisfaction and the airports global performance.